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Aunt Carmen


This is wonderful! We are so proud of you! Your parents are amazing and so are you and Grant! If any family can come together and do this it is yours :)

Hope to see you soon.

Love, Aunt Carmen



I love your story! I can definitely relate to it. I can almost say that is what I did when Christian and I found out we were adopting baby boy named Jonathan David from Haiti! Then after crying when we found out he died, doing the same exact actions when my parents came home from Haiti and said we were adopting a adorable, baby boy named Joshua. We went through the same emotions, but at different times. It's exciting to know that I have a friend who went through the same emotions! Can't wait to see you in August ( or before that)!

Noelle Parks

Sharon Wood

Abbey, you are blessed with an amazing family that has so much love that they can share it with a little boy who hasn't had the chance to be a part of a family like yours. You and Grant will be able to share your love as a big sister and brother! I know that you will all continue to be blessed even more in the future. God is good! Sharon Wood

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