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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


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I'm so glad that you wrote this. I hate that he is still hurting so much, but what a breakthrough that he is able to tell you! I know you're not perfect, but it sounds like you all (even the kids) are saying and doing the right things.


Beautiful, beautiful post Missy. What a breakthrough.



I cry as I read this. How much hurt that little guy has in his heart. We have to heal his little heart. This grandma will be here for ever and ever. I will never leave him.


What a great thing that you were able to accomplish. I am sure this will help Grant understand a lot better as well. Danil will eventually not be scared any more and realize that you are his forever family. Just thinking about what he has been through in his short life just breaks my heart. Hang in there all of you. Love you

Rochelle Cannon

Ok you need to have a tissue needed disclaimer at the top of this one.
So thankful that he is opening up and sharing his feelings (even if inappropriately at first). What a sweet awakening he is having. How hard it must be to simply have faith that you guys will always be there.
Praying that his fear subsides and that he learns to completely and whole heartedly trust and love you all.


You do know I am taking notes!

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