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Tuesday, May 08, 2012


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okay I thought I would get through this with out tears this time. BUT NO WAY.. I thank God everyday that he sent you to bring Danil home, not only to you and Kevin, Abbey and Grant, but to the rest of this family that is learning everyday how blessed our lives are.It makes us stop and think about his life compared to ours. We all need to stop being negative and think of our glass half full instead of half empty..You and Kevin are doing an amazing job.

Rochelle Cannon

In tears at his conversation with God. Awesome! It is so hard for our kids to not have that strict routine isn't it? Just sends their little systems out of control.
Happy 10 months. Can't believe it, it is 10 months today when we had gotcha day!


Sweet boy! That last picture is darling.


He is exactly where God knew he was supposed to be. What a tremendous blessing to know your family and Danil.

Vanscyoc Guyton

What a handsome little boy! Little ones really love the beach. This boy make me remember how my kids during younger days love the beach. They were too excited during summers. Who can resist the beach, wind and waves? Me too love these!

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